[Topcon CT-80]: Applanation IOP Measurements Not Consistent or Accurate

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Your Topcon CT-80 may become inaccurate on inconsistent over time. To secure auto alignment and correct measurement values, clean the measuring window glass after each day’s work:

  1. Prepare ethanol alocohol.
  2. Using a blower, remove dust and dirt from the glass surface.
  3. Moisten the applicator with ethanol alcohol.
  4. Wipe the glass surface lightly with the applicator, from the center outward.
  5. Use a new applicator and wipe the glass surface in a similar manner; repeat this several times. To ensure thorough removal of grease from the window glass, be sure to replace the applicator and use a new one for each of these repeated wiping operations.

6.  Cleaning is completed when grease is thoroughly removed. If stains cannot be removed easily, call your dealer.

When the measuring window glass becomes stained “CLEAN THE MEASURING WINDOW GLASS” is displayed on the monitor screen.


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