Without directly talking with a factory agenda-driven Zeiss sales representative, it seems impossible to truly know the differences between all of the Carl Zeiss (or Zeiss Humphrey) Visual Field instruments. We hope to explain the differences, and even offer some insight below– please note that this article only pertains to HFA-II perimeters, and not HFA-IIi.

FDT 710

-Light + Portable

-Typically seen as a screener only w/ limited insurance billing capabilities

-Short test; around 50 seconds per eye

Matrix 715

-Still FDT stimulus technology

-Full threshold testing capabilities

-Small + Compact

HFA-II 720

-11 testing options

-No hard drive included– print only

-No software tracking capabilities

HFA-II 740

-19 testing options

-Gaze Tracking

-Red or-blue-on-white

HFA-II 745

-19 testing options

-Blue on-yellow

-Gaze tracking

HFA-II 750

-19 testing options

-Red or blue-on-white/yellow

-Head + Vertex tracking