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BuzzCare+ provides standard and extended warranty coverage for your investment.

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Why should I buy a refurbished device instead of new one?

-Buzz devices undergo a thorough and complete internal and external refurbishment process and have been tested to operate at factory specifications. This makes the devices in most cases look and work like new, however at a much reduced price. On average, Buzz’s refurbished products are offered at 68% less than original new retail value. Purchasing a refurbished device allows your money to go further.

What does the refurbishment process entail? 

-Buzz’s refurbishment process varies for each device, however in most cases, every device undergoes a rigorous exterior and interior cleaning process, restoring the original finish and keeping internal components clear of dust and grime. Electrical fixtures/components are then checked for prime function and restored/replaced if necessary. Finally, a three-step calibration process is performed to ensure proper and accurate operation.

Buzz performs a rigorous in-practice testing phase on all devices before offering them for sale. Since Buzz is owned and operated by industry professionals that work within eye care practices, every product for sale is tested within those environments– ensuring every device meets our strict requirements and standards.

What certifications do Buzz’s devices carry?

All BuzzOptic’s instruments are registered with the FDA, and hold CE (European) certificates. Every product has been tested to ensure safe and accurate operation, every time.

Does BuzzOptics’ utilize sales people?

-Nope. You will never see a BuzzOptics’ sales person in your practice, or at a trade show. We believe salesmen are part of the problem– pushing you into a sale you’re not comfortable with, meanwhile raking in huge commissions. Instead, Buzz employs helpful consultants that are more than happy to answer your questions via our chat system, on the phone, or through email– never commissioned.

What if I need help with my instrument(s) after purchasing? 

-We’re so glad you asked. Buzz is well-known for our Support Team, available from 10am-7pm (MST) via phone, email, or web chat. All of our support representatives (Optometric Technicians) use these devices in their practices everyday, guaranteeing expert advice and support every time. We even have representatives that can video-conference with you via a mobile phone if you’d like.

When will my order ship?

-Remanufactured Buzz instrumentation vary in regards to handling and shipping times. See the below table for estimated handling times (before shipment). Always check the individual product page for exact shipping and handling times.

(New) Instruments 4-7 days before shipment
(Refurbished) Instruments 12-17 days before shipment
Parts 2-7  days before shipment
Disposables 2-5 days before shipment


How does my order ship?

-Most Buzz devices/instrumentation ship via FedEx Ground and arrive at your practice within four business days. Larger equipment such as full exam lanes, may be shipped via palleted freight and arrive within six business days. Please note that most orders require a signature from someone 18 years or older. If your device is scheduled for delivery on a day your practice is closed, delivery will be attempted the following business day.

What if I need my order sooner?

-Just let us know. We’ll try our best to produce and deliver your order as soon as possible.

What is BuzzOptics’ Warranty Policy?

-BuzzOptics offers a standard though limited domestic warranty for the period of 90 (ninety) days from the purchase date. This warranty covers manufacturing defects and faulty workmanship on devices or equipment excluding disposable supplies. It is at the complete discretion of BuzzOptics whether your order will be refunded, repaired, or replaced.

What doesn’t Buzz’s Warranty Policy cover?

BuzzOptics’ warranty does not protect from: water damage, misuse or mishandling, internal or external manipulation, dropping, shipping damage, theft, inadequate care, and/or negligence.

How do I fulfill a warranty?

-Firstly, contact our support team to submit a service ticket– this can be done here. Once a ticket has been received, a technician will reach out to you directly within 16 hours to diagnose the product’s condition and offer possible remedies. If necessary, the device may need to be returned to Buzz via its original packaging for repair.

How long does it take my device to be repaired?

-Generally, it takes around 14 business days for a repair to be completed. It may take longer or shorter, depending on the condition and severity of the issue. The Buzz technician in charge of repair will keep in touch with you via email or phone with updates.

What if I’ve lost the original packaging?

-If you cannot locate the device’s original packaging, simply give us a call and we’ll work out a game plan.

What is BuzzOptics’ Return Policy?

-Buzz offers a no-questions-asked, 15-day return period on all purchases (excluding disposable supplies and ancillary parts). All orders must be returned in an unopened, unused condition. If you wish to return a device, simply contact our support team for a ticket number– we’ll arrange shipping and pick-up of the order, however, customers are required to pay return shipping. Buzz does not offer returns on products labelled [PART], or ancillary items intended for installation on an existing unit/device.

Is there a re-stocking fee?

-Yes. A 10% re-stocking fee may be applied and deducted from your refunded order amount. This re-stocking fee may be compensated if the device is being exchanged for another Buzz product of equal or greater value or if the device arrived damaged or is being fulfilled under a valid warranty.

What if I want to cancel an order?

-Orders cancelled prior to the order shipping will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.

Do I need to return in original packaging?

-Yes. All orders must be returned in its original packaging, secured with included inserts and enclosed within its original container. If you do not have your order’s original packaging, please let Buzz support know when obtaining your ticket number.

Who pays for shipping?

-While BuzzOptics will arrange shipping and pick-up, the buyer will pay for all shipping and transit costs, billed for by BuzzOptics prior to returning.

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