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NIDEK Marco 700A

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This device has undergone a complete internal and external refurbishment & cleaning process, and is operating to factory specifications. Learn about refurbishment times >

  • Motorized optical head monitors patient gaze and self-aligns
  • Automated measurement mode auto-fires when properly aligned
  • Up to three measurements captured at once– 20 measurements averaged
  • Intra Ocular Lens, and Keratometry measurement modes
  • Auto thermal line printer 


The photos displayed here are of an actual finished product (unit) currently utilized for demo purposes at our facility in Denver, Colorado.  Learn more about our photos >

All Accessories Included

  • (Hospital Grade) Power Cord

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We’re not sure how the same company whom now makes terrific and sleek instruments (such as the ARK-1s, or Tonoref II) ended up making the 700A (or similar models) at one time in the past. It’s not that we seriously dislike the 700A, it’s just that we have some questions. Like, who designed the looks of this thing and why isn’t there a proper forehead rest? They’re questions we’ll never have the answers too, but it sure makes us wonder how we’ve gone from this to what’s currently being pumped out of their Japanese factory. The 700A works well- is quite accurate and fairly easy to use but then again isn’t everything else Buzz sells? The shape of the 700A resembles a skinny elderly man with a combover, or a deformed duck with a huge bill trying to paddle but on land. We think the idea was to engineer a slim refraction instrument, but it’s footprint is still quite large; the result is oddly proportioned instead and quite top-heavy too. In terms of its actual technology, the 700A produces refractive data accurate enough to rival just about anything, however those numbers aren’t displayed on the screen itself, instead they’re provided on a analog-clock-like readout (below the screen) that resembles something you’d see on a high school scoreboard. It works, and its easy to see (from an operator standpoint), but why not just allow the software to keep it on the CRT screen? After all those numbers will be printed out anyway. 


OUR TAKE: Strangley proportioned and engineered for a device that works as well as normal-looking Autorefractors. Auto-Tracking functions help us to like it more.

92015:  $8.01

Determination of Refractive State

*coverage of the above procedure may be subject to local reimbursement amounts, special provisions, and your own service rate.

*based on CPT 92015 assuming determination of refractive state

#1. Auto-Tracking + Capture

The 700A is a bit top heavy, but that’s mainly because of the motorized optical head that helps make minor adjustments for the proper corneal alignment. It’s not a fully motorized head that completely takes over, however it will help the operator by jumping around (smoothly) if the patient’s gaze changes. We like this feature not only for its ease to align, but additionally it provides confidence– knowing that even if the gaze changes, the device will change with it- even after the trigger is pressed. It of course will also auto-capture when aligned properly without the need for operator trigger.

#2. 20 Readings Averaged

The 700A is capable of storing up to 20 readings and can average these to provide the best starting point for a subjective refraction. The 700A will automatically take three readings per eye (consecutively) and auto print each reading.

Yes, the 700A will connect with the TRS-2100 and RT-2100 digital refractor for data integration.



NIDEK didn’t offer to provide specifications for this device 🙁

*These specification tables are provided directly from the manufacturer and are accurate to the best of our knowledge. Please note that accessories or other specifications pertaining to models not listed for sale on Buzz may not be included or offered on this device. 

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs