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Nikon Retinomax K-Plus 2

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This device has undergone a complete internal and external refurbishment & cleaning process, and is operating to factory specifications. Learn about refurbishment times >

  • Wireless, completely portable Autorefraction and Keratometry
  • Incredibly quick measurement speed and precise accuracy
  • Automatic capture performs measurement the moment alignment and focus is achieved
  • Retroillumination and IOL functions
  • Self-Checking algorithm takes up to dozens of rapid measurements- averaging the confident values.


The photos displayed here are of an actual finished product (unit) currently utilized for demo purposes at our facility in Denver, Colorado.  Learn more about our photos >

 All Accessories Included

  • (1) Nikon Charging Cradle
  • (1) Wireless Thermal Printer
  • (1) Duracel Retinomax Battery

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The Retinomax K-Plus sold directly from ‘Righton’ (as they now own the rights to the device) commands a whopping and eye-watering price tag of nearly $15,000. A shocking figure given that the Retinomax– besides some minor software changes, hasn’t changed much at all since its inception over a decade ago. The $15k price range for an ARK adjures high-spec technology and puts the Retinomax out of reach for most practices. But does it deserve to be in this class of competition with high-praise that matches its high-price? Yes. Undoubtedly, the Retinomax remains the world’s best and easiest-to-use Autorefractor/Keratometer. Unlike most handheld ARKs that suffer from touchy alignment and moody focus requirements, the Retinomax is incredibly easy to align, and automatically captures the necessary amount of measurements before it’s satisfied. Using the Retinomax for the first time leaves you immediately impressed by just how quick measurements are and just how easy it is to find the eye through its optical scope. Using the Retinomax in competition with any other similar handheld ARK leaves the competition embarrassed despite their newer LCD screens and bluetooth connectivity. Unlike these newer instruments, the Retinomax is essentially a desktop ARK compacted and shrunken into a handheld, portable version. Focussing and measurement capture relies on the system’s ‘fogging’ fixation target and somehow (maybe its magic) is able to maintain focus despite a shaky hand and just one center beam of infrared light. There is no Hartman-shack technology here, and there are no fancy digital diagrams that impress pediatric patients– it’s merely a traditional Autorefractor that is ultra-tolerable of handheld movement and the portable environment. 

OUR TAKE: The best handheld Autorefractor/Keratometer available, despite its 1990s stylings.

Robustness :  7.5 of 10
Aptitude       :  9.0 of 10
Comfort       :  9.5 of 10
Design         :  8.5 of 10
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92015:  $8.01

Determination of Refractive State   

*coverage of the above procedure may be subject to local reimbursement amounts and special provisions

*based on CPT 92015 assuming determination of refractive state


The elimination of the chin rest makes the examination procedure easier, more relaxed and fun for children. A melody function makes the Retinomax perfect for even the smallest children.

The K-Plus 3 offers the following enhancements, not standard on the K-Plus 2:

  • Slightly lighter, and thinner grip
  • Auto pupil measurement
  • Parallel sensor detects angle of refractor within hand
  • 80 minutes use time as opposed to 60 minutes
  • Fixation intensity is automatically lowered with pupils under 3.0mm
  • Extended diopter range
  • Three fixation targets (at choice)

The Retinomax K-Plus 2 does not connect to EHR/EMR programs, and will rely on a wireless printer for data documentation. Keep in mind that data can be easily written down via the on-screen display.

The K-Plus 2 weighs about 1.7lbs (just the refractor) not including charging cradle, or printer.

The K-Plus 2 will hold a charge (while in use) for about one hour. It requires charging via the charging cradle that may take up to 1.5 hours for a full charge.


*These specification tables are provided directly from the manufacturer and are accurate to the best of our knowledge. Please note that accessories or other specifications pertaining to models not listed for sale on Buzz may not be included or offered on this device. 

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