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Santinelli LEX1000


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  • ‘Whisper Quiet’ mode significantly reduces noise from edging
  • LED Display with on-screen information guide bar for easy operation
  • 40% less water than prior Santinelli models
  • 3D beveling shows every angle from tracer data
  • Advanced shape editor allows post-trace alterations
  • USB port for archived tracer data


The photos displayed here are of an actual finished product (unit) currently utilized for demo purposes at our facility in Denver, Colorado.  Learn more about our photos >

Accessories Included:

  • (2) Lanchez 1/4 HP Submerisble Water Supply Pump
  • (1) Water Intake Hose w/ u-joint bellow fasteners
  • (2) Lanchez Water Supply Power Cord
  • (1) Sink-Waste Disposal Tube
  • (1) Hospital Grade Power Cord

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When Santinelli first launched the LEX1000 they created a marketing brochure that proudly featured the option of ‘two color tones’ for the exterior side casing. These two color-tone options were blue, and blueish-purple which of course matters to the optical’s customer-base whom will without doubt be impressed by this machine that they will never see; excuse our sarcasm. Generally, when a manufacturer leads with exterior color options it’s a bad sign that few innovations will be noted in their new product. Unlike drapes for your wife’ new she-shed or wall-paint for your husband’s new man-cave, the color of the exterior paint of your edger shouldn’t matter and thankfully the LEX1000’s new features don’t stop at the new lavender tint of the plastic casing. Santinelli’ LEX 10000 has indeed been the product of better software, and manufacturing, coming together to not only create a better lens, but also a better and more efficient operation. The first thing you’ll notice when cutting your first job is the noise reduction when compared to prior Santinelli models. Instead of a droning garbage disposal sound mixed with a dull chainsaw cutting into concrete, your ears are graced with what Santinelli calls a “whisper quiet operation.” It’s quite evident and you’ll actually be able to have a conversation back in the lab while cutting a job thanks to the sound proofing seal on the chamber door. You’ll also immediately notice that the 1000 uses about 40% less water than other prior models– although Santinelli doesn’t exactly go into detail as to how they’ve done this, we figure it has something to do with quicker cutting and less friction within the chamber. The LEX1000 is also easy-to-use thanks to an on-screen (did we mention the LCD display is in full color!) information bar that guides the operator through each step- kind of like a video game tutorial. New software features offer all-new 3D beveling displays, advanced shape editor (for post-trace adjustments), and color-coded blocking methods (all) as standard. Overall, the LEX1000 is a much improved retail optical edging unit not only for the features we described prior, but also thanks to a more computer-aided system unit that communicates with tracing, edging, grinding, beveling, and grooving procedures better than the past’s more ‘mechanically-guided’ systems. This translates into a more consistent and robust unit- which is what you want and need over subtle lavender tones paint.

OUR TAKE: A new computer-aided control system creates a unit that is significantly more mechanically and technologically advanced than prior models. Standard software features make it easy to use. Less noise and water alone make it an attractive investment. 

Robustness :  8.5 of 10
Aptitude       :  8.5 of 10
Comfort       :  8.5 of 10
Design         :  8.0 of 10
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Profit Opportunity:  save about ~  $11 on average, per job.

Retail optical finishing lab (on-site). 

*assuming average ‘edge’ fees from contract laboratories within the US.

TRACER:  Built-In

3D Tracing On Most Metal & Plastic Frames

*built-in tracing capabilities indicate the edger houses the tracer element without extension.

BLOCKER:  External

Blocking Performed Separate From The Edger

*an external compatible blocker is required to block lenses.

The Lex1000 is equipped with a full-color display, providing easy viewing. The display was designed for simplicity and intuitive operation.

  • Information Bar – Even first-time users can easily operate the Lex 1000 using the Information Bar, which provides useful “next-step” information.


  • 3-D Bevel Simulation – Sophisticated 3-D bevel simulation allows you to check the placement of the bevel as if viewing the actual lens from any selected angle.


  • Color-coded Lens Identification  – To aid the lens edging process, the display of the Lex1000 utilizes a color-coding system adapted from navigational light colors, to identify right and left lenses: green represents the right lens and red represents the left lens. Red and green cups (blocks) are included. You can avoid processing the wrong lens by following the color-prompted indicator on the display.


  • Advances Shape Editor  – Changing a shape of the lens is available with “Advanced Shape Editor”. You can check the amount of change on the screen and a compare changed shape to the original, in addition, you can specify a fixed area.

  • Automatic Grinding Chamber Door – The motorized door opens and closes automatically – no need to manually operate the door.
  • Integrated Job Tray – Frame and lens can be conveniently stored in theLex1000’s built-in job tray.
  • USB Flash Drive Port – Saved shapes and patterns can be transferred from a PC to the Ice1000 Blocker. You can then transfer the data back to the Lex1000. Data management is easy and flexible.
  • Water-Saving – When a lens edger is connected to direct water, there is a large amount of water consumed. With the Lex1000 the amount of water used is reduced by 40%*. *applicable when processing CR39 or high index lenses
  • Built-in Barcode Scanner – The Lex1000’s integrated barcode scanner saves lab space and streamlines the lens finishing



  • Direct Drive Lens Rotation – The Lex1000 is designed with the most advanced CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) techniques. A direct driven gearing system ensures stable cylindrical axis with every cut. An integrated stabilizer keeps the chucking pressure consistent, yet without harming lens coatings.
  • Grooving – The Lex1000 features a specially designed grooving wheel which achieves a superior groove quality with “pin-point” accuracy. A reduced groove wheel diameter, set at the optimal angle, grooves high- base curve lenses flawlessly.

  • Polyurethane Lens Processing – The Lex1000 can process polyurethane lenses used for sunglasses.
  • Advanced Soft Grinding Mode  – The Lex1000 features Advanced Soft Grinding Mode, the most advanced technology for processing coated lenses. This technology monitors the grinding pressure and maintains it at an optimal level throughout the entire cycle to eliminate axis shift.
  • “Whisper Quiet” Operation  – The noise level on the Lex1000 is extremely low by an innovative method of processing control. The grinding chamber lid seal provides a noise barrier which also helps significantly. The low volume is maintained throughout all edging cycles, so lenses can be processed with “Whisper Quiet” operation.


The Lex 1000 creates the best bevel profile for highly curved lenses by processing the front and back bevel independently. The Lex 1000 is capable of creating a customized bevel to suit even the most challenging eyewear. This original process creates a consistent and custom profiled bevel around the circumference of the lens. The Lex 1000 delivers a perfect fit and a precise bevel every time, resulting in a flawless look.

All aspects of the bevel can be adjusted, including the position, height and tilt using the easy 3-D bevel simulation.
The angle of the bevel is automatically tilted, depending on the thickness of the lens, for a perfect look.

*Buzz provides PL-8 wheels as standard.

Buzz includes all necessary accessories, parts, and components to allow plug-and-play operation once the optical edger is properly installed. All Buzz edgers ship fully calibrated and are ready for immediate lab use– we do however recommend verifying calibration immediately after proper installation and ensuring proper operation by reading the user manual pertaining to this make and model prior to operation.


As optical edgers are sophisticated and complex machines, we always recommend contracting a professional or someone familiar with optical edging systems to install this unit prior to laboratory use.

The LEX1000 integrates seamlessly with the Santinelli ICE mini+ and other Santinelli automated blockers.


*These specification tables are provided directly from the manufacturer and are accurate to the best of our knowledge. Please note that accessories or other specifications pertaining to models not listed for sale on Buzz may not be included or offered on this device.

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Weight 85 lbs