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Topcon CT-80

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This device has undergone a complete internal and external refurbishment & cleaning process, and is operating to factory specifications. Learn about refurbishment times >

  • Automatic measurement with internal fixation light for easy capture
  • Soft puff for non-invasive IOP measurement
  • Improved air system reduces time between measurements by 30%
  • Built-in printer displays IOP simply
  • Dual sensor measures IOP comparably to Goldmann


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Accessories Included:

-(1) Hospital Grade Power Cord

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The only thing worse than an air-puff to the eye is poor patient flow because your practice’s tonometry isn’t efficient. We don’t pretend to think NCT puff technology is refined, nor should you pretend that your patients enjoy this– they don’t. But we realize that air-puff IOP procedures are a necessary evil for a well performing practice, and your patients will understand this if it’s explained properly. Yes, there are other less invasive tonometry options out there, but all of them still make some form of uncomfortable contact with the eye, and all of them are less efficient than an NCT. Therefore, even though we dislike being “puffed,” we don’t dislike the CT-80 from Topcon. In fact, it’s the most widely used NCT in the world and in a market segment with few honest competitors; not to mention a fabulous price point (at least from us)– so we’re all forced to like it. Even Topcon knows this, and it must be the primary reason they haven’t released a new non-contact tonometer since the CT-80; a unit that still utilizes a CRT monitor designed in the mid-2000s. Regardless, the instrument is one of the best tonometry options we have. It’s quite easy-to-use (especially when compared to competitors) with its self auto-fire measurement and sensors which instruct the operator’s maneuvering for the optimal application moment. Measurements are well within standard deviation of a Goldmann, and the unit is fairly robust considering it must compress air within.


OUR TAKE: We’d give it five stars if the air-puff was less intense, however the CT-80 is the most practical, affordable, and reliable NCT available- hands down, even if it’s been around a decade.

92100:  $28.93

Serial Tonometry

*coverage of the above procedure may be subject to local reimbursement amounts, special provisions, and your own service rate.

Serial Tonometry Calculator
*based on CPT 92100 assuming serial tonometry.

#1. Fully Automated + Instructed

The proper measuring distance cannot be understated when it comes to non-contact tonometry, and the Topcon CT-80’s instructional software warns the operator when they’re too close, and prompts them to move closer when they’re too far away from the ideal applanation point. This simply takes the guessing game out of the operation, and ensure that applanation distance won’t be a factor in an accurate IOP. The CT-80 will also automatically fire when the operator has satisfied the software’s distance request, allowing small refinements to the optical head (by the operator) and preventing acquisition delays. This is made possible by Topcon’s intuitive software, which is able to make decisions about the proper focus and alignment far faster than any operator could. The instrument will however allow the operator to fire in manual for patient’s whom do not align quite right.

#2. 30% Faster Interval

We at Buzz strongly believe that to truly acquire proper and accurate IOPs, several tests must be performed and of these tests an average should be derived. This will of course require more “puffing” of the eye– something no one wants more of. The CT-80 does utilize a larger air chamber, which can refill 30% faster than previous models, and much faster than most NCTs of like. After one measurement has be performed, an additional puff can be generated at the same PSI as the prior, allowing the patient to be examined more comfortably, in a shorter amount of time. This data (from all readings) is automatically printed once data points are acquired.

#3. Safety Lock

It may sounds silly, but we decided that the third most notable point of the CT-80 was its track safety-lock which prevents the unit from gouging the patient’s eye when the operator accidentally advances the optical head too far. This switch is actually quite useful, as it prevents the worst from occurring and gives the operator a better sense of the proper alignment– gets you in the ball park so-to-say. Since non-contact tonometry requires special consideration to the applanation distance, it’s easy to forcefully advance the unit too far.

It does have RS-232 connections outputs, however it will depend on your EHR company and whether they’ve offered the gateway for such device.

It’s quite easy to use compared to most NCTs its age. The instructional software guides you with targets on the acquisition screen, therefore your steady hand will find it rather simple to properly the optical head.

Yes. The unit will take the average of multiple measurements of each eye respectively.


*These specification tables are provided directly from the manufacturer and are accurate to the best of our knowledge. Please note that accessories or other specifications pertaining to models not listed for sale on Buzz may not be included or offered on this device. 

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