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Topcon KR-7000


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This device has undergone a complete internal and external refurbishment & cleaning process, and is operating to factory specifications. Learn about refurbishment times >

  • Auto-tracking and Auto-capture aide operator control
  • Rotary Prism Technology for ultimate accuracy
  • IOL Mode + Corneal Measurement Mode
  • One of the first to employ ‘Fogging Fixation’ for compensation control
  • RS-232C ports for EHR/EMR capabilities + networking
  • Auto-print produces printout with myopic/hyperopic illustrations


The photos displayed here are of an actual finished product (unit) currently utilized for demo purposes at our facility in Denver, Colorado.  Learn more about our photos >

 All Accessories Included

  • (1) Hospital Grade Power Cord

1-Year Limited Warranty 

Covering manufacturing defects and faulty workmanship for a period of 365 days. Don’t worry, we offer repair and tech. support after the warranty has expired.

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Topcon makes more Autorefractors than any other manufacturer around, and seeming that there have been nearly six new ARK models since the KR-7000 shows the company’s commitment towards refraction, and perhaps profits, too. When we test a Topcon autorefractor, we know that the machine will be accurate, fast, robust, and technologically advanced- regardless of its manufacturer date, and the KR-7000 is no exception to this notion. The 7000, much like the KR-8000, utilizes Topcon’s Rotary Prism refraction technology, employs a black and white CRT monitor, and functions much the same way with a nearly identical user interface and joystick control. Immediately you’ll notice the KR-7000 maintains a flat monitor display with almost no tilt whatsoever- requiring the operator to practically be in a seated position during the test. Unlike the 8000, much of the optical prisms and lenses are located in the same compartment as the monitor, forcing the display to be set lower than newer instruments. The joystick elevator- responsible for elevating and declining this optical head is stiffer; feeling quite mechanical, you’ll also notice the display also elevating and declining in sync with the optical head- something that takes a bit of getting used to if you’re used to an ARK with a stationary screen. Although the KR-7000 does have auto-tracking and auto-capture, the device in aggregate feels stiff and less forgiving when compared with the Topcon KR-8000. That being said, when it comes to the principle of refraction itself, much is the same when comparing the 7000 to newer Topcons.

OUR TAKE: Accurate and consistent, with a ‘mechanical feel’ that feels a bit old.

Robustness :  7.0 of 10
Aptitude       :  7.5 of 10
Comfort       :  7.0 of 10
Design         :  6.5 of 10
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92015:  $8.01

Determination of Refractive State   

*coverage of the above procedure may be subject to local reimbursement amounts and special provisions

*based on CPT 92015 assuming determination of refractive state

Instruments can be linked together through data transmission.


Online System

Computerized lens meter data can be transferred to the instruments through a RS-232C interface. Also instrument measurement data can be transferred to computerized visiontester.

IC Card System

Instrument measurement data can be linked to an IC card system.

External Monitoring

An external TV monitor can be connected to instrument. Measured target image can also be acquired with video-printer.

Data Processing on the Network

Future possibilities can be anticipated on the network system.

*Proper  collimation will lead to automatic measurement.

Surprisingly, the KR-7000 does have EHR integration via RS-232C communication. Most companies, such as CrystalPM have already written a gateway for the KR-7000.

Older plastics, such as the panels that the KR-7000 utilizes contain Bromine as a fire retardant. When exposed to UV light over time, the plastic turns a yellow shade. BuzzOptics reverses this process and removes years of staining to proceed a shade that resembles its original factory color.


*These specification tables are provided directly from the manufacturer and are accurate to the best of our knowledge. Please note that accessories or other specifications pertaining to models not listed for sale on Buzz may not be included or offered on this device. 

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs