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Tuttnauer 3545E

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  • 4.4 L/7.8 gallon benchtop autoclave for steam sterilizing liquids, instruments, glassware, and other laboratory items
  • Automated water-fill, sterilization cycle, exhaust, and drying
  • Digital display shows real-time temperature, pressure, and operational time
  • Temperature selection from 100 to 137° C (212 to 279° F) with sterilization cycles up to 60 minutes
  • Includes two stainless steel trays for holding labware and maximizing space in the chamber


The photos displayed here are of an actual finished product (unit) currently utilized for demo purposes at our facility in Denver, Colorado.  Learn more about our photos >

Accessories Included:

  • (1) Hospital Grade Power Cord (220v)
  • (2) Stainless Steel Inserted Shelves

1-Year Limited Warranty 

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A digital display continuously shows temperature, pressure, and running time. Every stage of the cycle is automatic and micro-processor controlled from water-fill, to sterilization, exhaust, and drying.

The autoclave has a low water alarm for notifying the user when the reservoir needs to be refilled, an in-line particle filter to protect valves, and standby heating to keep the chamber warm in between cycles.

The autoclave also has a combination pressure and temperature gauge, and an automatic low water shut off to prevent damage to the heating elements if there is insufficient water for sterilization. A heat-insulated, double-locking door helps protect users from accidental burns and prevents the chamber from being opened during the sterilization cycle.

The autoclave has a fast or slow exhaust selection, with the fast exhaust for drying solids, and the slow exhaust for preventing media and liquid boil-over. A closed-door drying cycle maintains sterility and removes extra moisture after sterilization. A continuous pressure purge removes air pockets and ensures even sterilization, and a 3 L reservoir with the drain located on top simplifies cleaning.

The autoclave also has an automatic shut-off for conserving energy, and a battery backup ensures retention of settings and controls in the event of a power failure.

The main parts of the autoclave are made of materials as indicated below:

Chamber is built of stainless steel 316 L

Door is made of stainless steel 304

Tray is made of stainless steel 316

Door handle is made of hard plastic material that is safe to touch and thermo-insulated

Water reservoir is made of hard plastic material.

  • The peak sound level generated by sterilizer is <<78/ DBA with background noise of 60 dB
  • The total heat transmitted by the sterilizer is  <150 W/h for this 3545 model

The distilled or mineral – free water supplied to the autoclave should have the physical characteristics and maximum acceptable level of contaminants indicated in the table below:

  • Evaporate residue ≤15 mg/l
  • Silica ≤ 2 mg/l
  • Iron ≤ 0.2 mg/l
  • Cadmium ≤ 0.005 mg/l
  • Lead ≤ 0.05 mg/l
  • Rest of Heavy metals. ≤ 0.1 mg/l
  • Chloride ≤ 3 mg/l
  • Phosphate. ≤ 0.5mg/l
  • Conductivity ≤ 50 µs/cm
  • pH  6.5 to 8
  • Appearance – Colorless, Clean, without sediment
  • Hardness – ≤ 0.1 mmol/l

Compliance with the above data should be tested in accordance with acknowledged analytical methods, by an authorized laboratory.

We recommend testing the water quality once a month. The use of water for autoclaves that does not comply with the table above may have severe impact on the working life of the sterilizer and can invalidate the warranty.

Unwrapped Instruments are symbolized by a pair of scissors on the display menu on the front of the machine, the default parameters are:

273°F for temperature
3 minutes of sterilization time Rapid exhaust
No drying time

Wrapped Instruments are symbolized by a gown on the display menu on the front of the machine, the default parameters are:

273°F for temperature
7 minutes of sterilization time Rapid exhaust
30 minutes of drying time

Liquids/Glassware are symbolized by a flask on the display menu on the front of the machine, the default parameters are:

250 °F for temperature
30 minutes of sterilization time Slow exhaust only
No dry time, drying is not allowed

Up to 60 minutes, depending on the medium being sterilized.

Extra Drying Cycle – symbolized by the fan The default parameter is:

30 minutes of drying time

The purpose of the Extra Drying Cycle is to offer an alternative in situations where the dry time in the wrapped or unwrapped cycle is insufficient. Rather than wait for the items to air dry or run another complete cycle with a longer dry time, just select the Extra Drying Cycle to continue the heat assisted drying process.

The Upper Middle Section consists of a Display.

The Display is comprised of a single row of 16 characters and this row is divided into four sections:

♦ When the system is running a program, the screen will display the current temperature and pressure within the Chamber and the remaining time for sterilization or drying.

♦  The first three sections from left to right are designed to show the parameters ofthe selected program or any operating messages.

♦  When the system is idle, the display will show the parameters of the currentlyselected program.

♦  When the system is running a program, the actual sterilization temperature isdisplayed above the TEMP Key. The remaining sterilization time will be displayed above the STE TIME key and the remaining drying time will be displayed above the DRY TIME Key.

The only way to check for sterilization is through a spore test

Filling The Reservoir:

Always use DISTILLED WATER in the autoclave for sterilizing. Using water of a poorer quality will cause increased maintenance due to the mineral residue that accumulates in the various parts of the autoclave.

The Reservoir is filled from the top of the autoclave. Remove the Reservoir Cover and pour water through the opening. Continue filling until the water reaches the base of the Safety Valve Holder. Under no circumstances should the Reservoir be filled above the Safety Valve Holder. The Reservoir should never be filled while the autoclave is running a cycle. If the Reservoir is filled while the Autoclave is running, at the end of the cycle, water exhausted from the Chamber can cause the Reservoir to overflow.

Overfilling or the failure to use Distilled Water will lead to clogging of the hole in the Air Jet. This will be evidenced by the lack of both a hissing sound and a stream of steam coming from the Air Jet during sterilization. When this situation occurs, follow the instructions in sec. 6.5 for cleaning the Air Jet.


*These specification tables are provided directly from the manufacturer and are accurate to the best of our knowledge. Please note that accessories or other specifications pertaining to models not listed for sale on Buzz may not be included or offered on this device.

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