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Zeiss Visucam Pro NM

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This device has undergone a complete internal and external refurbishment & cleaning process, and is operating to factory specifications. Learn about refurbishment times >

  • Large, yet simplified fundus imaging for any operator
  • 45° field of view (non-mydiratic)
  • External monitor allows instant review and storage.
  • Review, send, and store via RS-232, USB and DICOM Ethernet
  • Manual alignment, focus (semi-auto), and capture.
  • Auto-Flash with 16 intervals
  • Color, green, blue, red, and IR via photo or video capture


The photos displayed here are of an actual finished product (unit) currently utilized for demo purposes at our facility in Denver, Colorado.  Learn more about our photos >

 All Accessories Included

  • (1) Zeiss VISUCAM Pro (17″) External Monitor
  • (1) Serial Cable Connection Pack to external monitor
  • (1) Hospital Grade Power Cord (6′-8′)
  • (1) Computer Keyboard
  • (1) Computer Mouse

Why aren’t custom work stations and tables included with this instrument? 

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We have a large copy machine in our main office (here at Buzz) that everyone seems to love using despite its mammoth proportions. When management tried to replace it with something smaller and lighter and more modern everyone threw a giant fuss and they eventually settled to keep it be. There is something comforting about its size and knowing where everything is (on it) and being able to know with certainty that it will print just the way you like…and we imagine that the Zeiss Visucam Pro is probably much the same. The Visucam series may not be the sleekest nor the most ergonomic, but its a comfort-food-like machine for technicians whom know its simple to operate and as consistent as it gets when it comes to fundus photography. Despite all this size absorbed by the Visucam’s work station, we are a bit disappointed by its lack of automated features, self-contained monitor, and manual camera capabilities. You’d think that with a massive 25″ tower there would have been room for more “cool” things, but hence we’ve settled with a 5 megapixel CCD camera, an external viewing monitor, and little to do with auto-capture and focus. It should be noted however, that the modern and sleek features the Visucam lacks may not be for everybody– automated features lend problems for non-compliant patients and sometimes smaller means more opportunity for error in alignment. There are however some cool things worth noting: color filters for every view, 3D imaging for glaucoma progression, anterior segment imaging, semi-auto focus and fully auto-flash… all come standard.

OUR TAKE: It’s the massive SUV that starts in -20 below and never breaks traction, ever– of fundus imaging.

Robustness :  8.5 of 10
Aptitude       :  7.0 of 10
Comfort       :  7.5 of 10
Design         :  7.0 of 10
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92250:  $66.75

Fundus photography with interpretation and report  

*coverage of the above procedure may be subject to local reimbursement amounts and special provisions

*based on CPT 92250 assuming full threshold tests.

Everything is integrated

The VISUCAMPRO NM offers a full performance spectrum – from image capture to image documentation – in a single, state-of-the-art system featuring all hardware and software required.

Everything is simple

Easy operation ensures a smooth, rapid workflow for the user. The system’s many excellent benefits include:
• Customized software settings
• Positioning aid with working distance dots

• Focusing aid with paired coincidence lines
• Panorama mode for automatic image montages

Visual overview and assessment are possible at all times in every phase of the examination – thanks to the 17″ flat screen monitor. The path from the live focusing image to the digital document is short. When the image is captured, it immediately appears on the monitor and is automaticaly stored.

Everything is possible

With its excellent image quality, VISUCAMPRO NM also makes the perfect solution for studies. The 7 field mode, the 30° field angle and 3D images are integrated for this purpose.

Everything is reliable

Software manages image display, editing, printing and data export. Password-protected user management pre- vents unauthorized access to images and patient data. VISUPAC performs archiving in networks, while DVDs/CDs or USB sticks are more suitable for simple export.

Optical brilliance

Legendary ZEISS optics and the integrated digital image sensor with 5.0 megapixels.

Work in total comfort

Focusing and positioning aids, software guidance, intuitive operation and real-time display on a flat screen monitor.

Auto flash mode

Every image is correctly illuminated, regardless of the pupil size and retina type.

Small pupil capabilities

Non-mydriatic image capture of fundus imaging through the smallest pupil size in the industry.

All-in-one approach

High quality ZEISS fundus imaging in a compact system:

  • Highly corrected ZEISS optics with an advanced profes-sional grade digital sensor
  • Integrated computer and database, including multipleoptions for image comparison and review
  • Quick image transfer via network, USB stick or DVD.

ZEISS optics

The demonstrated quality of ZEISS optics assures that your images will give you the sharpest detail.

5.0 megapixel images

The pixel count and optimized signal processing enable outstanding quality in image documentation.

45° and 30° images

The system features the ophthalmoscope principle incorporated in modern fundus cameras and the two field angles 45° and 30°.

Different capture modes

Green, red and blue images are all possible either as separate photos or as a subsequent RGB layer of a color photo.

Stereo image mode

The stereo mode features easy capture and operation.

Fixation mode

A single click suffices to switch between external and internal fixation. The internal targets are either freely position- able in different sizes or they follow programmed sequences.

Zeiss Automap

Clearly structured montages are automatically produced of peripheral photos.

As the VISUCAM series cameras do not have a built-in external monitor, this instrument must be used in conjunction with the included 17″ monitor. The software on the VISUCAM Lite is built into the camera itself, therefore an external monitor does not require an external tower or other computer component.

Yes. The VISUCAM Lite can be networked via DICOM gateway (Ethernet), RS-232 serial cable, or via USB.

The VISUCAM Pro NM requires manual interface in order to properly align, focus, and capture the fundus.

BuzzOptics DOES NOT include the Zeiss Visucam workstation as standard with purchase of the Zeiss Visucam Pro NM.


*These specification tables are provided directly from the manufacturer and are accurate to the best of our knowledge. Please note that accessories or other specifications pertaining to models not listed for sale on Buzz may not be included or offered on this device. 

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