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The HARK 599 offers two modes of refraction, auto-capture and manual-capture; the machine will default to ‘auto-capture’. Once the patient is properly adjusted, use the joystick and the computerized camera display interface, to locate the patient’s cornea. Attempt to place the six white dots onto the patient’s pupil. These white dots are infrared lights which are used by the instrument to focus the ideal position on the patient’s cornea. Finally, push the top of the joystick and the instrument will automatically capture the refraction. Make sure the patient does not blink during this 5 second process

The main menu of the HARK 599 offers instant access to the entirety of the software user interface.

The HARK 599 does not require routine maintenance beyond a few basic procedures:





The HARK 599 can transfer data to an external device (printer, computer, etc.) via the RS232 serial port. The serial parameters (baud rate, parity, data bits, stop bits, flow control) should match those of the external device: