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Place the wrist strap into the wrist strap attachment. Place the wrist strap around your wrist and secure it. The wrist strap protects the tonometer from dropping onto the floor accidentally. Insert batteries into the tonometer (page 9).

Press the measurement button to turn the tonometer ON. The tonometer display will display all of the LCD segments (see the figure
below). Check that all of the segments are functional in the four-digit, sevensegment LCD display.

Following a brief pause, the display will show “LoAd,” reminding the user to load the single use probe into the tonometer prior to measurement.

Open the probe tube by removing the cap and insert the probe into probe base as shown in the image. After the probe has been inserted, be careful not to point it down before activating the tonometer in order to prevent the probe from falling out. Activate by pressing the easurement button once and the tonometer will be ready for measurement when 00 appears on the display. After activating the probe is magnetized and will not fall out.

To obtain firm support for the patient’s forehead, in order to obtain an accurate measurement at the right distance, you can adjust the forehead support by turning the forehead support adjusting wheel.

Since local anesthetic may lower the tonometer reading, we recommend that you refrain from using an anesthetic when performing measurements.

Ask the patient to relax and look straight ahead at a specific point. Bring the tonometer near the patient’s eye. The central groove should be in a horizontal position, and the distance from the eye to the front part of the collar should be the length of the collar. In other words, the distance from the tip of the probe to the patient’s cornea (see picture below) should be 4-8 mm (1/6-1/3 inch).

If necessary, adjust the distance by turning the forehead support adjusting wheel. Press the measurement button lightly to perform the measurement, taking care not to shake the tonometer. The tip of the probe should make contact with the central cornea. Six measurements are made consecutively. After each successful measurement, you will hear a short beep. Once the six measurements have been performed, the IOP will be shown on the displayafter the ‘P’.

If there is an erroneous measurement, the tonometer will beep twice and display an error message. Press the measurement button to clear the error message. If several erroneous measurements appear, see error messages.

To obtain the most accurate reading, six measurements are required, but the result is also displayed after the first measurement, which can usually be considered valid. The measurement values displayed are average values for all previous measurements (1.-5.). Single measurement values are not shown.Should there be variation between the measurements, ‘P’ will flash on the display after the sixth measurement.

Following the performance of the entire measurement, a new measurement series can be begun by pressing the measurement button. The tonometer will then be ready for the next measurement series (00 will show on the display).

If the user doubts the validity of the measurement (for example, if the probe made contact with the eyelid, or missed the central cornea etc.), we recommend that he/she make a new measurement. In addition, when encountering unusual values (for example over 22mmHg or below 8 mmHg) we recommend the performance of a new measurement to verify the result.


Replace the probe base every twelve months. Clean or replace the probe base if the error messages E01 or E03 are displayed.

Instructions for replacing the probe base:

• Turn off the tonometer.
• Unscrew the probe base collar and put it in a safe place.
• Remove the probe base by tilting the tonometer downwards and use your fingers to pull the probe base out of the tonometer.
• Insert a new probe base into the tonometer.
• Screw the collar in, to lock the probe base.

Accessing Old Measurement Value

From the starting position, press the right or left selector buttonuntil ‘Old’ appears on the display. Then press the measurementbutton. You can now ‘scroll’ through the old values by pressingthe selector buttons (right=older, left=more recent, from 0-9).

To exit the old values search, press the measurement button. The display will now show the word ‘Old’. Press either selector button to access other functions (00=measurement, End=turning OFF).

Turning the Tonometer OFF

Press either selector button until the display shows ‘End‘. Press the measurement button for two seconds – the display will show ‘byE’ and the tonometer will switch off. The used probe will be partially ejected. Use the used package to remove it from the tonometer. Ensure that you dispose of the probe properly.

Error Messages

To clear error messages, press the measurement button, after which the measurement can be repeated. The following messages may appear: