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In the measurement mode the display will have the following information displayed.

OD/OS: This represents the patient’s eye. The highlighted option is the eye selected to be measured. The iPac always defaults to the right eye at the beginning of the measurement process. Move the control button right or left to select the eye you wish to measure.

Bluetooth: The Bluetooth symbol will be displayed if this option has been turned on in the setup menu. If the icon is Gray then there is no connection to a printer or other device. The Bluetooth icon will be blue in color when a connection is made.

Battery: The battery symbol indicates how much battery life is available. The battery symbol changes from green (full) to yellow to red (empty). When the battery symbol is red, it is time to re-charge the battery.

Clear: Move the control button UP and hold it until the display shows “Measurement cleared” All data will be cleared and a new measurement can be started.

Readings: This number represents the CCT measurement for the selected eye. To review the measurement of the opposite eye, move the control button right or left.

Print: Measurements can be sent to the iPac Bluetooth printer or an EMR computer system. Move the control button down to send the measurement data. To clear the data after printing move the button up and all the measurement data will be cleared.

IOP Offset: The number on the lower right is the IOP Offset number that is associated with the pachymetry reading. Refer to Appendix A for the IOP adjustment chart.

Std. Dev: The number in the lower left of the screen is the standard deviation of the CCT measurement. The standard deviation is how much variation or “dispersion” there is from the average measured value.

Note: If the CCT measurement is displayed in orange then the standard deviationis greater than 10 (σ > 10). This is an indication that another set ofmeasurements should be taken.


When the instrument is ready to take measurements, three asterisks (***) are displayed on thescreen. After five or more measurements are acquired the asterisks will change and display the average value. The number of measurements are displayed below the asterisks (e.g.,6/25). If it is difficult to get measurements from a patient, fewer than 25 measurements can be taken, the average will be based on the fewer measurements.

Clearing Data

To clear data on the display, move the Control button UP for about 2 seconds, until the display indicates that the measurements have been cleared.

  • Advise the patient of the measuring process and what to expect before taking measurements.
  • Have the patient sit comfortably and install a drop of topical anesthetic into the eye to be examined.


  • Give the patient the appropriate time for the anesthetic to start working.
  • Instruct the patient to look straight ahead at a fixation target (e.g., ear, nose, distant object) to minimize eye movement, with eyes fully open to prepare for a measurement.
  • Hold the iPac Pachymeter as you would a pencil and to enable viewing of the sensor and the patient’s cornea where contact will be made. For normal corneas, central corneal contact is highly recommended.

Note: The corneal surface needs only to be contacted for a short time. Indentation or additional pressure is not required and may lead to injury to the eye.

Note: Do not ‘tap’ the iPac on the cornea. Hold it steadily against the cornea.

  • Support the iPac with your hand, and if necessary, stabilize the movement of the iPac by resting your hand against the patient.
  • Press and release the Control button, one time. The iPac will initiate the measurement process and beep once. After the beep, three asterisks are displayed.
  • Minimizing the time the Pachymeter is touching the eye, lightly touch the center of the cornea until the iPac completes a series of beeps followed by a single beep.
  • After the series of beeps and the final beep, remove the iPac from the eye. The iPac will display the average reading.







  • Move the Control button to the RIGHT or LEFT as needed to acquire measurements on the other
    eye and repeat the above process.
  • To review the measurement data, you can “toggle” between the right and left eye by moving the control button  RIGHT or LEFT.
  • To send the measurement data to a Bluetooth printer or computer EMR system, move the Control button down. The data will be sent to the connected device, if the data is not transferred refer to the Bluetooth setup section of this user’s guide. 

Note: If a Bluetooth device was found and the connection established in Setup, then move the Control button down to send the data to the Bluetooth device. 

  • To clear the measurement data, move the Control button up and hold it until the display shows “measurement cleared.”
  • Perform the cleaning instructions in the Cleaning and Disinfection section of this manual.

Note: If you are unable to take 25 measurements, the average will be displayed for the number of measurements that were taken. Either press the control button down once or wait for about 15 seconds and the display will change to show the print and clear icon.

Bluetooth is a wireless communication protocol for exchanging data over short distances. The iPac uses Bluetooth for printing and communicating with a computer EMR system. To setup these options please refer to the iPac Menu Options, Bluetooth section of this User’s guide.

There are 3 Bluetooth modes which are visible from the measurement screen of the iPac.

To connect to the iPac Bluetooth printer follow the instructions below:

  • Ensure the iPac Bluetooth option is turned on, see iPac Menu Options, Bluetooth.
  • Press the ON/OFF button on the iPac printer so that the printer is ON. A green LED will indicate the printer is working.
  • In the iPac Bluetooth setup mode select the search option, and press the Control button, the Bluetooth icon will blink on and off while the iPac searches for the printer.
  • Once the search is complete the iPac display will usually show the iPac printer as MARTEL MCP7880. Highlight this option and press the control button in, the iPac will then connect to the printer. The display will show “Bluetooth connected.”

Note: If the display shows “Bluetooth connection failed” ensure that the printer is turned on and then repeat the process described above

Exit the iPac setup mode.

The iPac is now connected to the iPac printer, to send measurement data to the printer after measuring a patient, move the Control button down, the data will be sent to the iPac printer and printed. A sample printout is shown below.

Note: If the printer fails to print, check that the printer is turned on, green LED illuminated and ensure that the Bluetooth icon on the iPac display shows it is connected.

Note: When a connection is made to a Bluetooth printer, the connection information is stored in the iPac. Whenever Bluetooth is turned on and no other connec- tions have been made, the iPac will attempt to reconnect to the same printer.