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Applying power source :

  1. Make sure of the connection of power cable.
  2. Press on the POWER SWITCH.
  3. Confirm that the title screen is displayed and then the MEASUREMENT screen is displayed in a few seconds.


Positioning the patient :

  1. Make sure of the measurement screen.
  2. Let the patient sit in front of the instrument.
  3. Adjust the automatic instrument table or the chair height so that the patient can sit on the chair with comfort.
  4. Place the patient’s chin on the chinrest and let his forehead touch the forehead rest.

5. Adjust the chinkiest height so that the patient’s eye becomes level with the eye height mark.

For the measurement of cornea diameter, “C.D.MEMORY YES” (measurements of static image) or”C.D.MEMORY NO” (measurement of dynamic image) can be selected in the initial setting.


Measuring the dynamic image:

  1. Focus the target eye.




3. Observe of the cornea diameter screen.

4. Bring the left positioning bar to the left end of iris by pressing the AUTO START SWITCH (for moving left) and TARGET IMAGE SWITCH (for moving right).


6. The guide mark moves right.

7. Bring the right positioning bar to the right end of iris by pressing the AUTO START SWITCH (for moving left) and TARGET IMAGE SWITCH (for moving right).

** If it is necessary to move the left positioning bar again, press the MEASUREMENT MODE SWITCH. When the MEASUREMENT MODE SWITCH is pressed further, right and left positioning bars return to the initial positions. **


9. The cornea diameter is displayed.

10. Press the MEASUREMENT SWITCH. The measurement mode to left eye sets in. Measure also the right eye in like manner.

11. After displaying data for both eyes, press the MEASUREMENT SWITCH to return to the measurement screen.

Setting the picturing mode:

In the initial status after power on, the mode is set to the auto start.

  1. Check of the measurement screen
  2. Press AUTO START SWITCH on the control panel and erase the alignment bar from the monitor screen.


Collimation and measurement:

Alignment operations are down with the control lever.

  1. Operate the control lever laterally and vertically so as to obtain the target eye in the center of monitor screen.

2. While moving the main body toward the patient, focus the target eye. A vague, reflected luminous point for alignment appears on the cornea. Focus the target eye to make the luminous point minimum.

3. Fine-adjust the main body position in all directions so that the luminous point comes within the alignment mark.

4. When the luminous point becomes the minimum within the alignment mark, press the MEASUREMENT SWITCH.


** Even when collimation is improper, measurement is done by pressing the MEASUREMENT SWITCH, but to secure high-precision values, do collimation properly.


5. Measurement is done and measurement values are displayed.